Authentic. Traditional. Exceptional.

These are the golden threads woven into every pastry, bread, and confection crafted at Annelore’s German Bakery.

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Black Forest Cake

Our Black Forest Cake is a two-layered chocolate sponge cake, layered with a cherry compote made from real cherry brandy and then topped with whipped cream, chocolate shavings, and Morello cherries.

Black Forest Cake

Black Forest Cookie


Annelore’s German Bakery has delighted customers across the Triangle for more than ten years with its unique and timeless pastries and breads. From the local honey drizzle topping the customer-favorite Bee Sting Cake to the tangy Morello cherries baked into the Donauwellen, each and every ingredient is of the highest quality.

Based on old-world family recipes, some of which date back generations, Annelore’s crafts signature pastries without preservatives and synthetic additives.

In 2017, Annelore’s German Bakery opened its flagship 3,600-square-foot bakery, inspired by traditional Munich and Viennese coffee houses and konditoreien (pastry shops), right in the heart of downtown Cary.

With a commitment to serving the community and preserving a storied family history in hospitality, Annelore’s German Bakery invites customers to enjoy the unmatched craftsmanship and quality that has made European baking legendary around the world.

Today, tomorrow, and for years to come, we invite you to experience the exceptional at Annelore’s German Bakery.